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Spring tem – What a wonderful world


This term we will be improving our geography skills as will be looking at both physical and human geographical features of the world such as earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains.


In Literacy, we are reading the story of The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman. We follow a young girl called Lila on her quest to become a firework maker with help from Chulak and Hamlet who is a talking elephant! Along the journey, we will encounter pirates, jungle animals, tropical jungles and meeting Razvani the ferocious fire fiend!


In Science, we will be investigating the biology of plants, water transportation and the water cycle.


In Numeracy, we will continue to improve our place value knowledge and operations and furthering our knowledge as we look into money, fractions and perimeter.



3/4S will continue to swim as we return from the holidays. Our last swimming session is on Thursday 31st January.

When swimming lessons have finished, PE will be:

Tuesday – Outdoor

Thursday – Indoor

This is subject to change. If possible, please bring PE kits on a Monday and leave them in school all week, as our timetable can often change and we may also have a change due to poor weather.


School Council Representatives

School Council Representatives 1 Darci
School Council Representatives 2 Alfie