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Cross Country

Cross-Country Club

Congratulations to all our Cross Country team!

In the first half of the autumn term we held cross-country try-outs and from that children were chosen to represent Westcliffe Primary School.


There were 4 teams. Here are all the children that took part:


3/4 Girls

Zoe B, Anna B, Evie G, Lucy Marie, Jessica P and Natasha S


3/4 Boys

Maykol B-H, Leighton H, Archie F, Cole R , Makenzie S and Alfie W


5/6 Girls

Evie A, Alisha C, Yasmin C, Natasha H, Charley R, Jessica R, Katie T


5/6 Boys

Marshall B-M, Adam , Aidan C, Joshua H and Ashley W

We even had some familiar faces return to help out as hares for the races. Thank you to Jean C, Korben T and Kacey H.

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