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Westcliffe Primary School

'Our school is committed to inspirational teaching that develops aspirational young people.'


We are 1/2B. We are a happy, bubbly class who enjoy our learning.

This term we will be learning about China.  We will be comparing China to the United Kingdom looking at different landscapes and cultures.  We will also be finding out the capital cities of the United Kingdom and the main cities of China.  As geographers we will be finding out interesting facts about China.

We will be using different techniques in art to create our own pictures influenced by the Chinese landscape.

We are going to be learning about how plants grow and investigating the best conditions for plants to grow in.

In the second half term we will be finding out about pirates!

Who’s in our Class?

Miss Blades is our class teacher. She likes to sing us songs and read us stories. Mrs McIntyre and Miss McIntyre also work in our class to help us and look after us. Sometimes, Mrs Waites comes in and helps us too. 

Our P.E days are Wednesday and Thursday.


Star Writers

Kevin K has worked hard.

This retell of hansel and Gretel, written by Darci, has a fantastic feel to it. Her use of adjectives, speech and punctuation draws the reader in and makes them excited to read more. What a wonderful piece of work Darci, well done.

Kaci has used amazing powerful vocabulary to help her add extra detail into this wonderful piece of writing about George and the dragon. She has included speech and a fabulous range of sentence openers. Keep up the good work Kaci!

Through much hard work and persistence, Kevin has written a wonderful retell for the beginning of the Land of the Dinosaurs story with capital letters and full stops in all the right places. Super Kevin, keep up the hard work.

Cecilia has created a wonderful piece of writing here. She has focused on her writing target, and has correctly used full stops and capital letters all the way through her work. She has also added extra description to her writing to make it more interesting.

Tommy is this week’s star writer for trying really hard with his sentences to make them interesting. He thought carefully about which power words he wanted to use and he has tried extremely hard with his capital letters and full stops.

Amelia has written some well thought out instructions for planting a seed. She has used imperative verbs so that the reader knows that they must follow the instruction and she has used time connectives so you know to follow them one after the other. Amelia has also remembered to use her capital letters and full stops in their piece of writing. Well done Amelia.

Charlie has written a fantastic retell of Jack and the beanstalk. He has used some lovely description and has added some extra details to make it more interesting. Charlie has used capital letters and full stops all the way through his work. He has also tried extremely hard to use beautiful handwriting.

Emily has created this amazing description of a storm in a forest and how it sounds and feels. She has used the senses to make her description more detailed. Emily has remembered to use her capital letters and full stops all the way through her writing.