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Westcliffe Primary School

'Our school is committed to inspirational teaching that develops aspirational young people.'


Who’s in our Class?

Mr Heath is our class teacher. Mrs Chester also works in our class to help us and look after us. We all enjoy learning.

We always try our best in everything we do in class and have been enjoying all of the new things we learn. 


Our P.E days are Wednesday and Thursday.

This term we will be learning about China.  We will be comparing China to the United Kingdom looking at different landscapes and cultures.  We will also be finding out the capital cities of the United Kingdom and the main cities of China.  As geographers we will be finding out interesting facts about China.

We will be using different techniques in art to create our own pictures influenced by the Chinese landscape.

We are going to be learning about how plants grow and investigating the best conditions for plants to grow in.

In the second half term we will be finding out about pirates!

Our class recently went to on a school trip to Tesco’s. We went to learn all about healthy food and where it comes from.

We had great fun searching the fruit and vegetable sections for food we had never seen before.

We even got to try some different fruit and vegetables.

And we learned how much sugar is in the food we eat.

Did you know there is 7 sugar cubes in a can of coca cola?

We then learned how to make a bowl of muesli.

We had to measure the ingredients ourselves and mix them altogether.

We all had a yummy breakfast for the next morning.

We had a great time at Tescos and learned lots about the healthy food we need to eat.


Lexi wrote a story about her own dragon she created. She used some capital letters and fantastic describing words to tell the reader what her dragon looks like and what there special powers are.

Dylan wrote a lovely piece of writing. He managed to write a story about the three little pigs and replace the pig with a dragon. He wrote some lovely sentences with good handwriting, and good vocabulary.

Ivo wrote a story about George and the Dragon, he managed to write a good story including capital letters and full stops. He used some excellent describing words to make his writing interesting. Well done.







Jayden has written a retell of the willow tree story. He was using a story map to help recreate the story in the right order without missing anything out. Jayden has used good sentences with some description and told the story well. He has correctly used his capital letters and full stops and started using connectives to join his sentences together.

Macie was working on retelling the story of the princess and the pea using adjectives to make the story interesting. Macie has a personal target of being able to write beautifully, she has been practising forming her letters correctly, writing on the line and including finger spaces. In this piece of work Macie has written sentences with adjectives in and she can read most of it back. She has included capital letters and full stops and had some good descriptions.

Madison has been writing instructions about how to plant a seed. She has been looking at the pictures and writing down the correct instructions using some ‘Bossy’ verbs and time connectives. Madison included words like put, first, then, but was able to go back and check her work and put full stops in the right place. She has been working hard to use these and has been finding it very difficult. So Madison was the star writer because she used some of her full stops correctly.