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Welcome back to Summer Term in 1Ca!

This term we will be busy learning about structures, such as the bridges built by the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We will be looking at how he made his bridges strong and what materials he used, leading onto us making our own structures – castles in the second half term. As historians, we will also be thinking about how Isambard Kingdom Brunel made a difference to the world around us. We will be going on a trip to Lincoln Castle (to look at the structure of the castle) to help us with our own constructions and learning about levers and pulleys to create working drawbridges and portcullis. We will be continuing to develop our mathematical knowledge and the uses of the four operations. In literacy we will be exploring poetry, non-fiction texts and many stories to help us develop our knowledge of different writing techniques to use in our own writing. 

We started the term with our Good choices reward trip for Spring to Normanby Hall. It was great fun and everybody had a fabulous time! Have a look at the pictures on the website. Please make sure your child does all they can to make sure they are eligible for the Summer term reward trip at the end of the school year – this includes making sure they have read and had their diary signed three times a week.

Our PE day hasn’t changed and is still on Tuesday. Please could you make sure that your child has their PE kit with them on this day and that all their PE kit has their names on – it does make it easier to get back to the owner.