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Welcome to 3/4B


This term 3/4B will become dinosaur detectives! In history we shall travel back in time to the pre-historic ages of these terrifying lizards to find out what made them so amazingly fearsome plus how and why they died out.


Much of our literacy work will be based around dinosaurs; creating stories, writing informative non-fiction pieces of text plus trying our hand at some roarsome dino poetry!


We will be concentrating much of the first half of the term on our D&T work. The children will become product researchers, analysists, designers, builders, artists and reviewers as they plan, design, develop, create and evaluate their very own dinosaur costumes.


3/4B will also begin to understand similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography in Lincolnshire, so the children can really get to know the area they live in and how it changes by area.


This promises to be an extremely exciting final term.