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We have had an exciting start to our final term in 3/4S as we made an extraordinary discovery in our gardens, a huge mysterious egg during the Easter Holidays!

This term we have become Dinosaur Detectives1 We will be looking at the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth, what they look like and how big these monsters were! Also, we will be using our dinosaur knowledge to help us build a dinosaur box costume for young children. The pupils will be researching, designing, building and evaluating their product. Parents and carers are more than welcome to come in and help us build the costumes and any donated materials would be greatly appreciated!

In Literacy, we will be writing to a palaeontologist inviting them to our school to help us solve the mystery of the strange egg found in the garden. We will also be writing fact files on dinosaurs of our choosing and writing own children’s story involving dinosaurs.

In Numeracy, we will continue to work hard and using our mathematical skills to measure and discover the mass of dinosaurs! We also will be calculating area and perimeter to plan suitable enclosures for different dinosaurs! We will continue to work on our knowledge of fractions and place value and using the inverse.

To further improve your knowledge of the prehistoric reptiles, find the answers to these questions?

  1. What is the largest dinosaur to have ever lived?
  2. What is the smallest dinosaur to have ever lived?
  3. What was the first ever dinosaur that walked the earth?
  4. What do you think is the scariest dinosaur is?

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