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Dinosaur Detectives!


Well, what a dramatic start to the summer term! On the first day back we made a shocking discovery in the garden! Can you guess what it was? It was a mysterious egg! Mrs Barrett (the gardener) found it near the chicken coop during the Easter break! We’re pretty sure that Honey and Daisy couldn’t have possibly laid the egg as it was egg-normous! Could it possibly be an old dinosaur egg?


Obviously, we have decided to become Dinosaur Detectives. We will be reading about and drawing dinosaur features in an attempt to get to the bottom of our egg mystery. In literacy, we will also be writing a letter to a dino expert to get some advice. Inspired by our new knowledge of the extinct beasts, we will also be creating our own unique dinosaur costumes for Foundation Stage to model. We’re hoping we’ll be able to rope in a few parents and carers to help!!


Later in the term we will be studying the Ancient Greeks and learning about pulleys and levers. We will be holding our on Pythian Games and also constructing our own Greek building to rival the Parthenon!



In maths, we are continuing to work really hard. During our dinosaur research we will find lots of facts and figures on different dinosaurs (from their weight or height to the amount they eat). This will help us build on our measuring and data skills. We will be completing a tally chart to vote on our favourite dinosaur! We will also be looking at dinosaur enclosures and securing our perimeter and area knowledge! We are going to continue working on our fractions while also improving our knowledge of place value and using the inverse.


Just to make you roar like a dinosaur…


Q: What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes?

A: Doyouthinkhesaurus


Q: What do you call a dinosaur that sleeps all day?

A: A dino-snore


Q: What do you call a palaeontologist who sleeps all day?

A: Lazy bones!


Can you come up with some better jokes?

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