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Welcome to 3AK!

On our first day back we Mrs Barrett (the gardener) shared her unbelievable discovery with us. Apparently, she had dug out an ancient and brittle bone in the school garden! By the description provided, we think it must have been a dinosaur bone. Mrs Barrett must have thought the same as she had sent it off to an expert. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the bone yet …

Immediately, we turned into Dinosaurs Detectives! In Literacy, we have already written a letter to the expert to ask him some questions and get more ideas what animal it could have belonged to. We are looking forward to reading nonfiction books and doing more research about the extinct creatures – their life, habits, shapes etc. This should make creating our own species of dinosaur more effective as in DT sessions we will use recycled materials to bring it to life! In order to do so we will become familiar with how pulleys and levers work. Once we have designed our models, we are going to invite parents and carers in each week to help with the building process. We are 100% positive they will enjoy being involved in our dino project!

In Numeracy, we are continuing to enthusiastic, determined mathematicians! We will master our measuring and data skills by gathering and sorting research facts and figures on different dinosaurs (from their weight or height to the amount they eat). We have already done a tally chart to vote on our favourite dinosaur! Guess who the king of all dinosaurs is … Obviously, it is a T-Rex!!!

Star Writers

Kayleigh has put a lot of effort into her retell of the Little Red Riding Hood story. She used a lot of capital letters when she needed them – it was a massive challenge for her!

Roald Dahl’s timeline created by Leon required a lot of resilience. Leon stayed on his task and completed it. 

Miley has written a detailed biography of Roald Dahl in a chronological order attempting to use some ambitious vocabulary.

While describing the character, Theo has tried hard to use interesting vocabulary.

Openers, amazing vocabulary and joined handwriting made Sophie’s writing amazing!

 Angel has written a short but interesting diary entry about the appearance of the vibrant tin.

The Carrot Fly and Vegetable Patch by Ben B

Mia has used some fantastic vocabulary to describe the Tyrannosaurus Rex. She has also included some powerful verbs to describe how the dinosaur ate, using gobbled and chomped. Then using stomped to describe his movement around the land. Well done Mia!