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Westcliffe Primary School

'Our school is committed to inspirational teaching that develops aspirational young people.'


Welcome to 5/6DG

We are a class of 27 and are lucky to have two teachers. Miss Gilchrist teaches us at the beginning of the week and Mrs Dixon teaches us at the end of the week. Some of us also have a different teacher for Maths and for reading, so really it’s a big 5/6 family cohort.

Our PE days are Wednesday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor) but there may occasionally need to be changes so it makes sense to keep your PE kit in school for the week and take it home at the weekend.

Spring Term

This half term our topic is called, 'Location, Location, Location'.  We need to help make a decision – Where should a family settle, Scunthorpe or Yukon? Where in the world is the Yukon territory? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each place? Just how similar or different are they? Along the way, we will also be learning about climates and biomes, climate change and renewable energy resources. Where appropriate, we will be linking our ICT skills to help use gain in knowledge and application.

Later in the term, we will be delving into some investigative science; we will look at how diet and exercise has an effect on the body. We will even do some investigations into how our own bodies react to exercise.

In history, we will be finding out all about the Early Islamic Civilisation in Baghdad, and create some Islamic inspired 3D models alongside it.

During our driver sessions, we are covering the properties of materials in science, internet safety and tolerance lessons, as well as delving further into understanding the five British Values.

All of this is alongside our daily maths lessons and weekly PE, French and music sessions! So, as you can see we will be busy, busy, busy!


Autumn Term - World War II

Our first topic is World War II and we dived straight into this on our first day back. We recently had a fantastic visit to the Holocaust Memorial Centre in a which was very interesting and helped us to understand a little more what life would have been like for the Jewish people during WWII.