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Summer Term!

Hello! We are on the final term of this academic year. The time has flown! This term Year 6 will be completing the SATS test. We have carried out lots of preparation for these and are ready to tackle them head on! These will happen during the week of Monday 8th May, don’t forget Year 6 to join us at SATS breakfast club – this starts at 8am. Free breakfast to get you ready for the day!

Our topic for this term is “Romans”. We will be exploring how and why the Roman Army invaded Britain and looking at all the other countries they conquered! We will be investigating Roman artefacts and will also look at how the Romans changed many aspects of the way we live today! Our question title for the topic is: What would life be like if Romans had never conquered Britain? You’ll be amazed at some of the advances in technology they made happen! In the second half term we will be taking a trip to Lincoln to learn more about the Romans and their Empire!

In other areas of learning we will be looking at pulleys and levers and designing our own structures to incorporate these! Lots of fun learning to look forward to! Keep checking this page to see updates and photographs of the children's work!

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Star Writers

Leaon F: A great description and giving a real sense of the character. Also remembering to check her capital letters! Much improved!

Well done to Sarah and Charlise: A Joint effort. Lovely rhyming poem, great use of metaphors and imagery when describing the beautiful forest!

Olivia D: Fabulous use of language and writing a whole story with build up, characterisation and an exciting ending. Well done!

Fabulous piece of writing, using language to really hook the reader in and give a real sense of characterisation and drama!

Gracie: Excellent assessed piece of writing, taking her time and rereading to edit and improve! Well Done


Excellent non-fiction Egyptian text. Great descriptive detail and features of information text. Generalising words and using the past tense.

Georgie R


Aiden has made a great effort to use excellent language.


12th January 2017 Honey P

W/C 16th January 2017 Evie

Evie has demonstrated an excellent use of descriptive language for her food review.

You may also see her Video Log on this page.


Julia has used a good use of vocabulary and reasoning in her Geography work.

Declan has used excellent vocabulary in his written work.

Nathan has demonstrated excellent editing skills , improving his punctuation and connectives.

Jack has written an excellent description with good use of openers.

Kaolina G has domontsrated the correct use of punctuation and checking her work to make sense.

Natasha H has demonstrated that she can use excellent vocabulary and punctuation.

Gaby really thought about the language he was going to use in his writing. He created great suspense using this language and made sure his sentences opened in different ways. Well don, Gaby! Great effort!