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Hi! Welcome to 5/6R’s class webpage. Here you will be able to see what we have been up to in our class.  

Our designated P.E days are Monday and Tuesday, although it’s advised that children keep their P.E kit in school all week!

Our school council representatives are Leonnie and Samuel.

Introducing 5/6R

In 56R we’ve started our very exciting Summer history topic: the Romans!

Already we have looked at how Romans managed to conquer Europe over hundreds of years. We are now able to answer the question ‘why were the Roman army so successful?’ and found that the Romans used both incredible rewards and harsh punishments to keep their army motivated and victorious. Also, we have looked at Roman Beliefs and found that the Romans actually stole most of their gods from other religions, how cheeky!

Despite all that we have learnt we still have much to explore and investigate. Over the term we are going to find out about the historical figure Boudicca and the impact she had on Romans in Britain. We are also going to spend time finding out about Roman inventions and how they have impacted our own life. We will even get to use some of the Roman invented pulleys to create our own DT project.

Near the end of the term we also have a trip to Lincoln to look forward to so we will keep you updated!

Star Writers

Marshall has been picked as this week's star writer due to his continued effort to build suspense and tension in his work. He also thought carefully about how he could open his sentences in different ways to ensure it didn't sound repetitive. Well done Marshall!

Charley wrote an incredible piece in a topic lesson this week. After learning about how the Romans brought roads to Britain she produced a very well articulated piece on what impact this had. She used all the things we discuss in literacy for example variety of punctuation, subordinate clauses and fantastic language like 'immense'. Well done Charley!

Leonnie had made fantastic improvements on her writing lately. She worked hard to include emotive and imaginative language in her recount of the eruption of Mt Vesuvius. Check out some of her amazing vocabulary!