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Autumn Term 2016 Introduction

Hello and welcome to 5/6DT’s class webpage! 

Our class is made up of thirty children and two teachers; Mrs Dixon and Miss Troop.

This half term we are learning all about the Ancient Egyptians.  So far we have enjoyed looking at maps to locate Egypt in the world.  We have also loved becoming historians and looking closely at Ancient Egyptian artefacts (well…replicas to be precise!)  In our class, we are definitely big fans of the scarab beetle amulet.  The scarab beetle was an extremely well-loved Ancient Egyptian mini-beast which the people of Ancient Egypt believed to bring good luck; you may know this tiny creature as the better known ‘dung beetle’!  We have also really enjoyed finding out about the ancient process of preserving the dead – mummification.  We have actually mummified a tomato of our very own and we will be keeping our eyes on them in the coming weeks to see if the process really works.  The process involved removing the ‘organs’ of the tomato (the seeds), drying it out thoroughly to remove any trace of fluid, and cleaning it – the Ancient Egyptians used wine, we had to settle for anti-bac spray!  One of the last stages was to cover the body/tomato with a naturally occurring salt called natron – we used a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda – this should preserve the tomato, we will have to wait and see!  Another aspect of Ancient Egyptian life we have enjoyed learning about is the caste system and the fact that poorer people were used as slaves for the rich.  We are in the process of writing a diary entry from the point of view of an Ancient Egyptian  slave.

Aside from the Egyptians, we are also currently really enjoying learning our Young Voices songs in preparation for the big concert in January – we cannot wait!  Our favourite song to rehearse has to be the ‘Pop Medley’, wait until you hear it!

At the end of this half term, we will be hosting a Harvest Festival.  We hope that you can come along to see us sing, recite poetry and give you some background knowledge about harvest as well as our local Foodbank, where any of our kind donations will be going.  If you can donate any dried/tinned foods, please send them in to the school office before the assembly (Wednesday 19th October).

Thank you for visiting our class web page, keep checking back for updates as the term goes on!