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Autumn Term 2016 introduction

Last term we were learning about the amazing Ancient Egyptians. We used  a range of skills to find out what life was like for the Ancient Egyptians. Using Ancient Egyptian replicasbecame historians and begun to think about how these items were used in Egyptian life. For example, we had a replica of a canopic jar. Did you know that during the mummification process, the bodies organs were removed and placed into canopic jars? Pretty gross! When thinking about the mummification process we decided to have a go ourselves and mummified some tomatoes! First, we took at the gooey insides and dried them out. Then we added a mixture of salt and bicarbonate mixture. This is similar to what the Egyptians used! Our tomatoes kept well preserved however when we opened the air tight containers they didn’t smell too pleasant! You might see some of our amazing work on the TV monitors around school!