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Big Maths

What is ‘Big Maths’

Big maths is a totally new approach to the teaching of mathematics in primary schools. Big maths is based upon the principle that there are 4 core skills that lie at the heart of numeracy. These core skills from the platform for virtually all other maths skills and are known as CLIC.


Counting, Learn its, its nothing new and Calculations.


Because it is so important for children to make progress in all 4 core skills, ‘Big Maths’ involves teaching through CLIC sessions everyday in a fun, engaging and lively way.


How does ‘Big Maths’ work?

During the week, children will complete a range of mental maths activities including learning jingles, problem solving using new characters and quick-fire questions.

The Total Recall Challenge

Children keep the same test all year and aim to write down all the ‘learn its’ facts required in the time available. Once they can complete it in the time available then they aim to complete it in a quicker time.

The CLIC Challenge

Once children have scored 10 out of 10 in 3 consecutive weeks then they move on to the test paper for the next level up. Learners who do not make sufficient progress are taught specifically how to complete appropriate questions.