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Class 3/4EB

Meet the Class

Welcome to autumn term which is going to be very busy! Washing hands, learning, washing hands, learning and washing hands some more! We do have lots to learn but the priority will be to make sure that everyone is ok. If we need to talk, we’ll make time to talk. If we need a minute, then we will take a minute. We will get through this together and try and make this term as ‘normal’ as possible.


So, this term‘s topic is named, ‘Is it brave to live in a cave?’ 3/4EB will become historians to try and answer the question. We will use timelines to order events, before travelling back in time to the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and then finally on to the Iron Age. We will look at life in prehistoric Britain and how it differs from today.


In numeracy we will continue our work using Cuisenaire rods.  We will be working hard on our place value knowledge and developing our understanding of using all four operations.


In science, we will be growing our own beanstalks (hopefully with no giants at the top!) to learn what plants need to grow.  


Our P.E. is on a rolling timetable so it will be different every week. Please bring in P.E. kits (indoor and outdoor) every Monday and leave them in school until Friday.

Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and Friday.