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Class 3/4SB

Autumn Term 2020

For this term‘s topic, 3/4SB are going to become time travelling historians; rocking up at the Stone Age, powering through the Bronze Age and then finally on to the Iron Age. We will be investigating historical sites and comparing artefacts and life from prehistoric Britain. Also, we will be looking closely at how, as historians, we use timelines to put events into chronological order to give the full picture of a particular era from beginning to end. In numeracy, we will be working hard on our place value knowledge; using cuisenaire rods to support us. We will also be improving our knowledge of all four operations as well as reinforcing our understanding of measurements, shapes and angles. In science, we will have a focus on biology; studying plants and their requirements for growth and pollination. Our P.E. is on a rolling timetable so it will differ from week to week.


Please bring in P.E. kits (indoor and outdoor) every Monday to ensure you always have them ready, thank you!