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Elf on a shelf

A 'Scout Elf' called Timmy has come to visit 3BH.

Each night he gets up to some mischief and writes the children a letter. 

During the first night he managed to find soft white toilet paper and de decided to try to decorate the classroom in it.
During the second night Timmy and his cousins went for a sleigh ride by using the upturned picnic tables and the dinosaurs as reindeer to pull them through the sky. They even named their sleighs and gave them number plates.
During the third night Timmy and his friends discovered the photocopier. What fun they had!

Timmy found the chocolates and board games in the cupboard so he challenged Ramble to a game of Snakes and Ladders whilst enjoying our chocolate treats!

Timmy found inspiration from a Christmas book that Mrs Brown had brought in to school to read to the class.

Last night Timmy had races with Ramble in the shopping trolleys. Ramble is won 6 races to 4. They look like they had great fun!

One the final day we received this note from Timmy.