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End of year reports 2019-20

Friday 3rd July

Dear parents/carers,


Changes to End of Year Reports for the Academic Year 2019-2020


Due to the unique way 2020 has panned out, it will come as no surprise that pupil reports have had to be adapted accordingly this year. All reports will be emailed via ParentMail on Monday 6th July for those that have signed up to the app. Different year groups will need to be sent at different times due to the large number of emails being sent with the last set being sent at 4pm on Monday. Not only does this reduce physical contact it also recognises that the greater percentage of pupils remain at home during the pandemic.

Paper copies of reports will be available to collect from school for the small number of families who will not receive their child’s report via email. Please contact school directly to arrange a convenient time to collect your paper copy.



Due to the lengthy period of lockdown, government guidance does not require schools to report on attendance this year. Therefore, this section of the report has been left blank.



Usually, class teachers report on whether your child has met the year group standard for attainment at the end of the academic year in each subject. This year, judgements can only be based on the level your child was working at when school closed in March. Again, this guidance comes from the government and is unique to the situation this year has left us in.


Parents Evening

Again, normally at the end of the academic year, we are obliged to hold a parents evening to discuss any aspects of the report with the class teacher. This year, we are unable to hold face-to-face Parents Evening appointments. If you do require an opportunity to discuss any specific aspect of your child’s report, then please contact the school office who will organise a telephone appointment with the class teacher.


I always enjoy reading each child’s report and it has been especially interesting to remind myself of all those names and faces I have not seen for too long. We hope to see everybody back on their allocated transition day before school closes for summer two weeks today. 


Kindest regards



Mr R Prestwood

Head of School