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Holi Festival and Colour Run

Holi Festival and Colour Run


Thank you to everyone who came to support our spring concert, where we celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi. The Holi festival celebrates new life and colours (especially yellow). As a cohort, we read the story of Holi and then wrote our own script about it, especially for the concert. We also showed off our class ‘New Life’ poem, which we composed using vibrant vocabulary. We ended the concert with a lively song and dance about Holi!

After the concert, we took part in a colour run! Although some were nervous to start, it was such good fun and everyone was laughing. It took days to get some of the colour off our hands and feet! Mrs Barrett was worried she might look like a Smurf forever! There are so many photos from the day, but here are a few of the best!


Here is our poem:

3/4 SB’s New Life Poem


Blossom twirling and dancing like graceful ballerinas in the sky,

A serene array of colours shimmer brightly on the horizon,

Fragile petals cascading and descending onto the luscious grass.


Lambs leaping adorably in the never-ending fields,

Prancing playfully in their new woolly coats,

Bleating joyfully for the first time.


Violet seas of fragrant flowers beneath the towering trees

Trees are standing like soldiers, regaining their leaves

Beams of light breaking through trees onto new seedlings, giving them life.


SNAP! CRACK! What is that?

a chick as yellow as the gilded sun, chirping its morning melodies

as fluffy and as soft as pom-poms