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Important information on the partial re-opening of schools on 1st June

For parents: Please note: all of the following is subject to change if the rate of infection begins to rise again.

I have produced this summary of the Government document published on 11th May, titled ‘Opening schools and educational settings to more pupils from 1 June: guidance for parents and carers’ & it should be read together with, not instead of that document.

What the science says:

  • There is high scientific evidence that children of all ages have less severe symptoms than adults should they contract the virus
  • Slowly increasing the pupil numbers reduces the risk of increasing the rate of transmission
  • Schools can make changes to reduce risks in their settings
  • Schools should: 1) limit contact between different groups by reducing class sizes & spreading children out across the school 2) encourage good hand & respiratory hygiene

Who can return on 1st June?

  • Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & Year 6 only
  • Children of key workers & vulnerable children will continue to attend
  • Children in Y2-Y5 who are siblings of those returning on 1st June WILL NOT be able to return yet
  • The Government hopes all children will return for a month before the end of the summer term, if possible.

What should schools do before 1st June?

  • Carry out risk assessments before opening to more children. The risk assessment should directly address the risks associated with COVID-19 so that sensible measures are implemented to reduce risks to children and staff
  • Ensure no one enters school if a member of their household has symptoms
  • Promote good hygiene: regularly wash hands, keep tables, handrails, door handles, play equipment & toys clean
  • Minimise contact through reducing class sizes, staggering start/end of the day times & break/ lunchtimes

What else parents need to know

  • Children who are eligible to attend should be encouraged to do so, although it is not compulsory
  • Parents will not be fined for non-attendance at this time
  • Anyone identified as ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ or ‘clinically vulnerable’ should refer to specific guidance here
  • Self-isolating advice when individuals are displaying symptoms has changed & you should consult the document here for full details
  • There will be a number of changes to the organisation of the school day: from reducing class sizes to staggering the start & end times of the day. You will appreciate this is going to take a lot of planning and full details will be shared once they have been finalised.

Kind regards

Mr R Prestwood

Head of School