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Lincoln Castle Visit

On the 1st of March, all of the Year 1s and 2s went on an exciting trip to Lincoln castle. They took part in a WOW day and learnt many amazing things about the castle and its history. Children took part in 3 activities whilst they were there.

First, they looked at, and tried on knight’s armour. 1/2B were very surprised at how heavy the armour was and how strong knights must have been to wear it all. After looking at the armour they trained as archers, firing arrows at a castle too try and break in.

Next, 1/2B made their very own shields. Their shields look amazing and can be found displayed around our classroom.  The children also learnt that the shields helped the knights know who was on their side.  Then, they went downstairs for a magnificent banquet. Some children answered questions and were allowed to be the Lord, Lady, King and Queen for the banquet. Great Question answering Kaci, Dawood, Emily and Kalem! The banquet was a lot of fun and the food was scrumptious.

Finally 1/2B went on a walk around the castle walls. The views from the wall were magnificent, however not everyone like being so high up. I’m not sure we would all be able to be knights defending the castle from the battlements. The wall walk led us down into the dreary dungeons where children tried to find the secret door. It was a lot of fun.

1/2B had an amazing day at Lincoln Castle. All the children were extremely well behaved and are a credit to the school. Well done everyone!