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Our trip to Lincoln Castle

We went on a trip to Lincoln to visit the castle and see how people would have lived hundreds of years ago.

When we arrived we all had a good look around the castle and went on a wall walk. We had to climb up some very windy steps to get to the top. It was a long way!

The view was fantastic! You could see everything in Lincoln from up there. We had a great view of the cathedral and all the towers on the castle.  We tried looking down over the battlements but we needed to grow a bit more to see over them.

We then went down into the dungeon keep and saw where the lords would keep their treasure. There were even metal rings on the walls to show where they would keep a prisoner. We didn’t think we would want to stay in there very long so we all left through the secret door.


We then went inside to have a look at some armour. We were able to try on helmets, gloves, and chainmail that a real knight would have worn into battle. It was really big and heavy to try on and it showed us how strong a knight would have to be.

We then got a chance to fire a bow and arrow and see what it would have been like to attack a castle. It was great fun but very tricky to hold the bow straight . Did you know the archers would have to  fire 7 times in a minute? That would be hard!

After that we were shown how to make our own shield. We used a template to cut out the right shape then used bits of paper and colours to make a design for our own family crests.

By then we were very hungry so we all had a medieval banquet. Four of us dressed up as the King, Queen, Lords and ladies. He rest of us dressed up as the members of the court, we even dressed up someone as a jester. They told a great joke!

It was a fantastic day and a great trip. We learned a lot about castles and how people lived almost 1000 years ago.