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Pizza Term

This term 1-2H have been learning about foods of the world, and we have created our own pizza toppings.

First of all we had to decide what toppings we wanted for our pizzas, so we had to taste lots of different foods to decide.


Then when we all knew what we liked we could start adding the topping to the pizza. First we had to put the tomato puree on the base. Then we had to add the cheese and the ham.


Then we added sweet corn and pineapple. We had to make sure we left some spaces on the pizza to make sure the children who didn’t like sweet corn could still have some pizza.


Once we added all the toppings we put them in the oven and waited for them to cook. When the cheese was bubbling it was time to take them out. Then we sliced them all up and had a lovely ham, cheese, sweet corn and pineapple pizza.