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Pupil of the Week Reward


At the end of each term all those children who have been eligible for Pupil of the Week for 75% of the term (ie: 9 out of 12 weeks) will receive an extra special treat. The Pupil of the Week Reward recognises those children who always get it right and it is our thank you to them. Anyone who is not eligible for the reward will enjoy a normal day in school. Reward Trips in the past have included ice skating at Doncaster Dome, a day at Normanby Hall, 10-pin bowling, a visit in school from a magician and many more.


In order to qualify for Pupil of the Week, children must:


  • behave well at break and lunchtimes and not be on ‘catch-up’ by completing their work set in lessons
  • read 3 times a week and have their Home School Diary signed by an adult
  • maintain or improve their previous best '99 Club' score
  • wear the correct school uniform
  • have their PE kit in school
  • arrive in school on time

To be eligible, a child must meet 5 of these 6 criteria in a week including all the bold statements.



Here is an example of a Good Choices Reward Trip to Normanby Hall for KS1 children during Spring 2019