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Rambashi's Kitchen

Rambashi’s Restaurant was a wonderful experience that I don’t think any of the children will ever forget. The pictures show only a small portion of the work and effort that 3/4 put into the day so that they could impress the adults from home and school with their new learnt skills.

All the items that decorated the classroom; the placemats, lanterns, coasters, elephant menus and flags were made by the children. They also created a fantastic life-size baby elephant with the help of Mr. Lockwood and Mrs. McIntyre. The children had great fun preparing all these so the restaurant would look as authentic as they could possibly make it.

Not only did the children work hard to create all these wonderful pieces of art but they also learnt how to cook an Indonesian Rendang Curry and vegetarian Mie Gorang Noodles from start to finish. They each took part in something to do with the recipe, whether this was preparing the curry paste, cooking the meat or frying the quorn and noodles.

What a lovely day that seemed to be enjoyed by parent, staff and children alike.