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Science: Disgusting Digestion

Disgusting Digestion….EEWWWW.

No wait, it’s actually quite interesting really! Did you know all the food you eat travels through your body through many connecting organs called the digestive system?


3/4 have spent the week investigating what happens to food as it travels through your digestive system and what each section does to your food.  We carried out an exciting but slimy experiment that involved getting our hands dirty to help us understand it better.

We found that our stomachs contain acid which demolishes the bad bacteria on the food and churns it around like a washing machine to start the breaking down process. The small intestines continues the breaking down process however it also removes all the vitamins, minerals and goodness that our bodies need and absorbs it into your body.


Operation Ouch showed us the inside of a digestive system with this extremely interesting clip. Click the link below to watch the clip. Remember, never try anything you see in this clip!


3/4 have loved learning about this topic and are excited to find out even more about the human body.