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Science: Light Sources

3/4B have been investigating light sources and how shadows are created. We have asked questions about light and have performed many experiments to answer these questions. So far we have found out that light travels in straight lines. It cannot go around an object unless it reflects off a smooth, shiny surface.

We’ve also looked at the effect of light when it is blocked by an opaque object. We discussed how shadows are created, how we can change the length of a shadow, and how its direction can be altered.

3/4B worked together in groups to explore these questions and found out that shadows change depending on where the light source is in relation to the object. The higher the light source the shorter the shadow, the lower the light source the longer the shadow. We also found that to change the direction of a stationary object the light source needs to change the direction it is shining from. We used compass points to test this theory.

3/4B have had fun exploring and answering these questions and look forward to many more interesting and exciting questions in the year to come.