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Shenanigans Sept - Nov

34 SB - September to Novemebr


3/4 SB’s Jorvik Viking Centre and Dig

This term we have been learning all about the Vikings and Saxons for our topic so we took a trip to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York. It was a lot of fun because we travelled in time capsules to see (and smell) what life was like as a Viking at exactly5:30pm, 25th October, 975AD! We also met a Viking who showed us how coins are made. At the dig,we had the chance to become archaeologists for the day, digging up artefacts from the past.


Crazy Hair Day!

In October, we had a crazy hair day to raise money for a very important cause, Vision Aid. The whole of year 3/4 was responsible for promoting the charity day and we wanted friends and family of Westcliffe to donate unwanted spectacles tosend to those in less fortunate countries,who don’t have access to glasses. Consequently, there was a lot of preparation to do!We had to make collection boxes and then design and create posters for the day. We even had time to design our own wacky spectacles.



Our Family Assembly’s theme was Gratitude. In class, we discussed what we are grateful for and how we show our gratitude. We wrote down all many things we are grateful for on our own sheet of paper and then linked them together to make a long scroll. We even composed a class Acrostic poem:


Gratitude is about being thankful.

Respecting the environment shows our gratitude.

Appreciate your family and friends.

Thankful for all the things you have.

I always try hard to show gratitude to my teacher.

The gratitude we show is all about being kind.

Understand that you need to help your friends if they help you.

Doing something kind shows your thankfulness.

Endless gratitude will go on and on.




Word Problems

There are 32 children in 34SB. In Wednesday’s lesson each child answers 12 word problems correctly. How many questions were answered correctly altogether?

This term we have shown perseverance and resilience when applying numeracy to real-life problems! We have been working on mathematical vocabulary and how to solve word problems as well as learning the importanceof readingevery question carefully and looking for the clues in the text.




Excitingly, we are working incredibly hard at becoming excellent writers because we now know how to up-level our sentences.

Up-levelling means that we add more detail and improve our writing and there are lots of different ways we can do this. We can add openers to the beginning of our sentences, add adjectives and adverbs to build on our descriptions and include connectives and conjunctions to extend our sentences. Up-levelling is also a time to correct spelling mistakes, check we have written in the correct tense and that our sentences start with capital letters and end with full stops.