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Spring Poems

We read the poem below and then used the structure to help us write our own poems based on “Spring”. We copied them up using our neatest handwriting.


I remember


Looking at the late-night taxis crawl like black beetles down king street,

Looking at the street lights’ broken reflection on the rainy pavements,

Looking at the boarded up shop windows, the empty bus shelters, the queue from the chip shop winding out into the road, houses sitting in neat rows.


Tasting the salt of bacon from the grill,

Tasting the crunch of sugar that sits in a thick layer on a lardy cake,

Tasting the tang of lemon squeezed on pancakes,

Tasting too much vinegar, drowning the chips!


Smelling the sweet taste of an illicit apple,

Smelling the cut grass on a hot summer’s day,

Smelling the petrol, making rainbow patterns in a puddle,

Smelling the blocked drains in number forty-two…


Touching the knotted fur on my dog Sandy,

Touching the sudden cold of my gran’s frail hand,

Touching the icy railings on a winter morning…


Listening to the television mumbling below my room at night,

Listening to the sharp screech of breaks as a car halts,

Listening to my brother’s breathing in the dark as he sleeps,

Listening to my own memories rattling in my mind.


Picture 1 Abi
Picture 2 Alanah
Picture 3 Aliesha
Picture 4 Amelia
Picture 5 Antony
Picture 6 Bradley
Picture 7 Cecilia
Picture 8 Charlie
Picture 9 Daniel
Picture 10 Dylan
Picture 11 Emily
Picture 12 Harley
Picture 13 Kalem
Picture 14 Kamilis
Picture 15 Keigan
Picture 16 Kevin K
Picture 17 Kevin S
Picture 18 Kiarra
Picture 19 Logan L
Picture 20 Logan Li
Picture 21 Maisie
Picture 22 Mya-Evie
Picture 23 Oliver
Picture 24 Tilly
Picture 25 Tommy
Picture 26 Wish