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Spring Term 2018 Introduction

After a jam packed autumn term and much excitement before Christmas (thanks to a mischievous elf called Jimmy) 3/4SB are looking forward to getting started with 2018 and a new term.


This term we will be looking at heroes and villains and creating our very own superhero, which we will bring to life through our art as well as our writing! In literacy, we will continue to develop fantastic vocabulary and create some entertaining and reader-grabbing superhero stories!


We will also be learning about how to keep ourselves healthy; from getting to know what we should eat to how we should look after our teeth. We will be investigating balanced diets and how our digestive system works and trying out gory experiments! Also, we will be learning more about our bodies when studying skeletons and muscles.


Keep checking, on this page, for updates on our spring term shenanigans!