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Spring Term 2018 Introduction

Look forward to an imaginative, exuberant and insightful terms with our topic - Heroes vs Villains. We shall develop our super powers in Writing, ERIC and Maths.

 In Literacy we will be looking at an unusual hero in the form of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will be delving deep into this book and eventually using what we learn to create our own superheroes and write Poems, Newspaper Reports and Stories around them.

In science 3/4 will be investigating their bodies and how the foods we eat have an effect on us. We will look at what makes a healthy balanced diet and how we can use this knowledge to create a meal fit for a superhero. We will also be conducting research on our skeletons, teeth, digestive systems and muscles.

To defeat a villain, you need a hero, therefore our class will be designing their own Superheroes with their own super powers in Art.