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Star Writer

This week’s Star Writer is Logan’s introduction of his story ‘The Dinosaur Who Came To Tea’. He has used adjectives and adverbs in his writing. Well done Logan!

This week’s star writer is Maison’s story of ‘The Dinosaur Who Came To Tea’. He has worked extremely well as he has planned and written the story independently. Well done Maison!

This week’s Star Writer is Olivia May as she written a dinosaur description. Olivia has used powerful vocabulary and fronted adverbials.

This week’s Star Writer is Amelia’s Recount for Dino Steve’s visit. Amelia has made a superb effort to edit her work and propose changes to vocabulary as well as improving the detail in her writing!

This week’s Star Writer is Chanice. She has written a letter to Dino Steve inviting him to our school. Well done Chanice!

This week’s star writer is Wish who has written a persuasive letter inviting parents to Rambashi’s Restaurant. Wish has used some excellent adjectives such as sparkling volcanic soup.

This week’s star writer is Olivia. She has written a detailed character description of Chulak. She has used a variety of pronouns and even used a rhetorical question.

This week’s star writer is Jack. We have been looking at anatomy of plants and Jack has drawn a detailed diagram and clearly explaining the parts of a plant.

This week’s star writer is Elsie who has written a fabulous firework poem. She has also done a fantastic piece of art work using chalks as a background.

This week’s star writer is Darci when writing a letter from Lila to Lalchand. She has expressed feelings and emotions clearly and looks amazing written in ink on parchment!

This week’s star writer is Anisha who has written a fantastic dilemma about Lila and her journey to Mount Merapi. She has used excellent vocabulary for example, blistering and parched.

This week’s star writer is Alanah. She has used expanded noun phrases when writing a poem about Spring.

This week’s star writer is Alanah Archer when she wrote a letter to parents inviting them to Rambashi’s Restaurant. She has used parenthesis correctly and using excellent persuasive vocabulary.

Amelia’s this week’s star writer as she has written a fantastic piece of writing on Lila’s journey up Mount Merapi. Amelia has edited her work extremely well and written a fantastic story.

This week’s star writer is Joshua when writing the Poinsettia story. He has used excellent vocabulary, used conjunctions and even used a fronted adverbial.

Olivia’s star work this week is the retelling of the Miracle of the Poinsettia story. She has used powerful vocabulary, fronted adverbials and has beautiful handwriting.

This week’s star work is Rudy’s biography. He has listened extremely well in lessons about Roald Dahl’s life and this has helped him write a fantastic biography.

This week’s star work is Kaci’s biography about Roald Dahl. She has used a range of adverbs and fronted adverbials.

This week’s star work is Alfie’s story about The Chocolate Room. He has taken great effort to join his handwriting and it has hugely improved.

This week we have been writing a character description about Willy Wonka. Kaci has taken great care with her handwriting and has made a great effort to use different pronouns.

In English we have been looking at The Twits and focusing on a setting description. Jack has made great effort with his work using adventurous vocabulary and editing his work to further his writing.

In science, Dawood has done some superb work on the experiments he has completed. His writing is very neat and is done to the best of his ability.


Aiden has really tried hard when writing his dream. He came up with some excellent ideas and reallt though about his work. Aiden also did some great editing to up-level his work and has now produced as good piece of work.