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Star Writers

Teja wrote a fantastic letter about a pet dragon to Hillary, from our book Dragon Post. She used apostrophes, exclamation marks and question marks correctly, and has even gone back and edited her work. Well done Teja!

Abigail has retold the story of ‘Wombat goes Walkabout’. She remembered the order of the story and checked that her sentences made sense. She also used question marks correctly. Lovely retell Abigail!

Isabella is our star writer this week for her reply to Peggy’s email. Isabella has used a wide range of punctuation and has structured it very well, even using paragraphs. She has asked Peggy questions about the things we have found out about Australia as well as telling her about things happening in England.

Delia has written her recount of our trip to Australia. She worked hard independently to remember all the wonderful things we did. I was really impressed with her use of expanded noun phrases such as, ‘sparkly, white clouds’.

Keelan has worked very hard on his rewrite of Jack and the beanstalk. He has used story language, capital letters and full stops. He has even added in conjunctions and adjectives.

Our star writer this week is Marija. She has written a description of the giant form Jack and the beanstalk, taking great care in her work. She has even used conjunctions and a simile.

This week Mrs Crawford picked our star writer. She picked Ali for working very hard on his RE writing about someone who is special to him.

Teja has been working very hard in Literacy to create wonderful plans for her writing. Teja uses adjectives and conjunctions throughout her work and always remembers her capital letters! Well done Teja!

Pippa has shown excellent knowledge of animals and their offspring during our Science lesson. Pippa has been writing about the animals using descriptive language.

Jack has been writing a brilliant character description about Guy Fawkes. Jack has used wonderful similes and adjectives!

Isabelle has worked hard to create a brilliant and accurate retelling of the Monkey Puzzle. Isabelle used her story map for guidance and always tries hard to keep up her beautiful handwriting. Well done Isabelle!

Layla has been working hard to write a wonderful descriptive piece of writing about the animals from ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. Layla included brilliant adjectives and similes. This work is now up in the library on their display, well done Layla!

Nevaeh has been making brilliant progress with both her writing in RWI and Literacy she has recently completed some wonderful descriptive writing about many different characters. Nevaeh is settling in brilliantly to 1/2 H and she always tries her best. Well done Nevaeh!

This week Lewis has worked superbly on his character description of the Gruffalo., Lewis ensured he had used his capital letters and full stops in the correct places and now his beautiful work is up on display in school.

1/2 H Star Writer – Delia Dumitrescu This week Delia has written some brilliant descriptions of Julia Donaldson characters. She has included adjectives and her handwriting is always beautiful! Well done Delia!