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Star Writers

This week Tien is our Star Writer for his lovely version of the Creation Story. He has used beautiful handwriting, capital letters for proper nouns and he has also used super vocabulary such as ‘gathered,’ ‘separated’ and ‘glowing.’

Mark is this week’s Star Writer for a wonderful story he wrote about a boy and a dragon. Mark wrote a whole page of beautifully written sentences. He used capital letters, full stops and lots of description. Well done, Mark, super effort!

Lily has written a fantastic character description of Miss Lila Greer. She thought carefully about the adjectives she used, checking they described Miss Greer’s appearance and personality. Lovely description Lily.

Kai has retold the story of Iggy Peck Architect. He followed his story plan to ensure his story flowed and has included some lovely description of the characters. He then checked his work to make sure that it made sense. A great retell Kai, maybe even better than the original!

Jack has written a short information text about Isambard Kingdom Brunel thinking carefully about the facts he included. He checked that his sentences made sense and used the conjunctions until, also, and, but to join them. Great information text Jack!

Keegan is this week’s Star Writer for his piece about a magical forest that used to be tin. Keegan used some super description, like ‘vivid’ and ‘rustling leaves’. Keegan also used conjunctions like ‘then’ and ‘and’ to connect his ideas. Super job, Keegan!

Noah – The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff
Noah has been chosen as this week’s Star Writer because he has written a fantastic version of the story.  He has used super expanded noun phrases such as ‘luscious, green grass’ and ‘creaky, wooden bridge’.  He chose powerful verbs like:  approached, appeared and stuttered to describe what was happening in the story and he used great adjectives like dangerous.
A fabulous piece of writing, Noah, well done.


Harry has worked super hard on his retell of ‘How the birds got their colours’. During the writing stage he was very careful with his handwriting, making sure his letters were formed correctly and checking he had finger spaces. For his best copy he typed his story carefully and it looks fantastic. A really great retell Harry, well done!

Rhys has written a fantastic poem about Sydney zoo. He chose his verbs carefully to describe how the animals move. He then took his time typing his poem into best. Lovely poem Rhys!

Kyra has written a fact file about kangaroos. She used lots of facts, thinking carefully about how she could include them in her sentences while checking that they made sense. Lovely fact file Kyra!

Amelia is this week’s Star Writer in 1/2BD because she has written some superb sentences when describing characters from Wombat Goes Walkabout. She chose some amazing vocabulary and used capital letters, full stops and finger spaces for every sentence! Something else that Mrs Brown and Mrs Dixon are very proud of is how super neat Amelia’s handwriting has become – keep it up!

Priya is Star Writer this week for her re-tell of the wonderful story, Wombat Goes Walkabout. Priya tried extremely hard with her handwriting and used some amazing punctuation such as question marks, commas and exclamation marks. Well done, Priya – you should be proud of such a super piece of writing.

Sadie is this week’s Star Writer in 1/2BD for her reply letter to an Australian lady called Peggy. Sadie wrote back to Peggy, telling her facts about herself, as well as asking Peggy questions about Australia, using the correct punctuation. Well done, Sadie.

Uljans has written a fact-file about himself. He wrote the town and country which he lived in and remembered to use a capital letter for Scunthorpe and England. He has also presented his work beautifully. Well done Uljans!

24th January 2019

Aniya has written about our amazing adventure to Australia! She described her feelings on the plane, using commas in-between the words:

Then we got on the airplane I was excited, happy, shocked and I had butterflies in my tummy.

She remembered all of the exciting things that happened on our adventure and wrote them carefully in sentences, checking they made sense.

Great recount Aniya!

Character Description of the giant from

Jack and the Beanstalk


This week, Jayden has been chosen as our Star Writer because he wrote some really descriptive sentences about the giant, including the simile ‘he is as strong as a boxer.’  Jayden also used conjunctions in his writing to join his ideas, such as ‘The giant is angry because Jack took his gold.’

Well done, Jayden and keep up the hard work!

Mark wrote a fantastic recount of the Gunpowder Plot. He used conjunctions, including ‘because’. He also used some super adjectives, like ‘crafty’ and ‘furious’.

This week, Frankie has written a great description of our class elf, Timmy. She used the expanded noun phrase: cheeky, naughty elf. She also used some lovely similes, including, ‘his eyes are green like emeralds.’

Gracjan did a wonderful job of re-telling the story of The Owl Babies. He used a brilliant expanded noun phrase to describe the place the owls lived, as a humongous, towering tree – wow! Gracjan also used a question in his writing and used the correct punctuation. Super work.

Oskar was challenged with improving the opening to Martin Waddell’s story Owl Babies. Oskar added adjectives to describe their home such as ‘a cosy, warm hole’ and ‘fragile, crunched leaves’. Also he described the owl babies as ‘sweet’ which I thought was lovely description. Great uplevel Oskar!

Keeley has written a fantastic version of Dear Santa. She thought really carefully about the presents and how she could describe them. She really made the story her own. It was lovely to read Keeley, well done

Olivia was chosen as Star Writer for her lovely descriptive piece about our autumn walk. She has used lovely language such as ‘fluttering’. Olivia has also used the conjunction ‘because’ to join her ideas. I really like the punctuation Olivia used when she wrote: I could see: orange, red, yellow and brown. Well done, Olivia, super job.

1st November Cayden has written an information text in Science about how we grow. He has used perfect capital letters and full stops as well as trying really hard with his presentation. Beautiful Cayden, well done

Elouise has been chosen as this week’s Star Writer for the fabulous ‘Sound Collector poem that she wrote. She chose appropriate verbs to describe nouns, for example ‘ringing telephone’ after we had been on a ‘Sound walk around school.’ She also set her poem out really well. Good job, Elouise!

Amy has retold the story of Monkey Puzzle. She independently added expanded noun phrases to the first part of her story, and then remembered to include them when writing the second part. Well done Amy!

Keegan wrote some amazing sentences about the characters from Julia Donaldson’s story, What the Ladybird Heard. He used an adjective in every single sentence and he even managed to use conjunctions in some of his sentences to join his ideas. Well done Keegan, what a super piece of writing and a great start to Year 1.

Poppy used her imagination to describe how different Julia Donaldson characters would kick a ball. She used her sounds for spelling and independently corrected capital letters. Well done Poppy!

Noah has written a fantastic description of the Gruffalo. He remembered and used the word ‘brute’ as well as including similes. Well done Noah!

Logan–John has written a fantastic retell of Fox’s Socks. He has used capital letters and full stops as well as following his story plan. Well done Logan!