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Star Writers

Alfie has writing a wonderfully gruesome character description of a Velociraptor. Well done, Alfie!

Jayden has written a detailed and descriptive account of our visit from Dino Steve. Well done, Jayden.

Isabel has written a great persuasive letter to Dino Steve asking him to visit our school; using convincing language. Her letter definitely worked because he came to visit us!

Agata wrote a lovely spring poem, using descriptive vocabulary. I was great to hear her read it out in our Easter production. Well done!

Emily has written a wonderfully descriptive spring poem and went above and beyond to make it rhyme. Well done, Emily. A fantastic effort!

Alfie has written a descriptive story about Lila’s journey up the volcano of Mount Merapi in Indonesia. He has also worked hard to edit his work afterwards. Well done, Alfie!

Harley has written a thoughtful and descriptive story of Lila’s journey to the volcano! Keep up the good work!

Charlie is working hard in Literacy, and has written another lovely descriptive piece of writing, really painting a picture for the reader.

Daniel has written a lovely thank you letter to the customers of Rambashi’s Restaurant, making sure he included all the important points about the day.

Lexi has written a good persuasive letter using different persuasive techniques, from communicating with the reader to using boastful or exaggerated language. Well done, Lexi!

Cecilia has written a good persuasive letter using boastful language. She has also been working hard on improving aspects of her handwriting. Keep it up, Cecilia!

Kalem has written a lovely letter, expressing Lila’s view point and emotions. Well done, Kalem!

Travis worked hard in his R.E. lesson to write his own version of the Ten Commandments. He related them to his life in school and at home.

Charlie has worked hard to stay on the task of only writing a character description. He has used good vocabulary to paint a picture for the reader.

Since starting the book, The Firework Maker’s Daughter, we have been inspired to write our own firework poems. Emily did a cracking job at rhyming her poem. Well done!

Kalem has worked hard to write a retell of the Miracle of the Poinsettia, using powerful vocabulary. He has also worked hard to make sure his sentences make sense.

Kamilis has tried hard to create sentences using adjectives for his diary of a Stone Age boy.

Mya-Evie has written an informative biography on the brilliant author Roald Dahl, using great vocabulary and a range of sentence structures.

Aaron has worked incredibly hard on improving his handwriting this term. His determination to present neatly and write smaller is demonstrated in all his work now. Keep it up, Aaron!

The children looked at a well known advert called 'Buster'. Oliver has written an excellent descriptive account of when the hedgehog joined the other animals in the garden.

In History, Maisie H has worked hard to research events in Roald Dahl’s life and then compile a timeline of his life. Maisie ensured that the events were in chronological order.

Macie has worked hard joining her handwriting over the first half of this term. She has also used some lovely description in her story, painting a good picture for the reader. Well done!

Harley has written a lovely character description of the wonderful Mr Willy Wonka. He has used new vocabulary, including prepositions, which paints a picture for the reader perfectly!

Emily has written a fantastic setting description of the Twit’s garden; using powerful adjectives and prepositions to paint a picture for the reader. Well done!

Daniel continues to work really hard with his handwriting; ensuring that he writes in a sensible size and joining carefully. Look at the two photographs, the first attempt is in his writing book but look at the improvement when he copied his work up! Well done, Daniel. Keep working hard.

Jayden has worked hard when writing his playscript for the Chocolate Room scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He also contributed well during class discussions on vocabulary. Well done, Jayden!

William received Star Writer for remembering and using ambitious vocabulary in his writing. He is working incredibly hard in class, always putting his hand up to answer questions and offer suggestions. Well done, William!