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Star Writers

Dylan worked hard on this re-telling of Indiana Jones. He has tried to vary his sentences to build suspense, using passive voice and fronted adverbials.

Callum has worked extra hard on this piece to improve upon his sentence punctuation. He has also included some great language!

Evie has written a lovely advert as if she was a Roman estate agent. She has thought carefully about how to be persuasive and what language to use. She has also worked hard to include high-level punctuation.

Keeley is this week’s star writer for her suspense filled piece retelling the clip ‘Alma’. She used a range of sentence structures to build tension and worked hard to include high-level punctuation such as semi-colons. Well done!

Amelia-Mai's star writer is for her short but sweet non-fiction piece putting together all she had learnt about the water cycle.

Airidas' star writer is for his final non-fiction teaching resource. He wrote with many different features such as bullet points and parenthesis. Well done!

Angel is star writer for her great setting description, setting the scene as Mowgli races through the jungle. She uses lots of powerful verbs too!

McKenzie is star writer for his imaginative description based purely on his own ideas! He also built up loads of suspense! Well done!

Ollie received star writer for his well thought out biography on David Walliams. He thought carefully about the layout of his piece and when to use high-level, appropriate language.

Skye was star writer for her innovative piece using the book Coraline for inspiration. She used lots of great vocabulary to build suspense.

Sam is this week’s star writer for his fantastic use of exciting vocabulary, specifically verbs. Using this language, he has really been able to set the scene and create suspense.

Jessie is this week’s star writer for her excellent re-telling of ‘The Mummy’. She came up with some fantastic vocabulary and used it well within subordinate clauses to vary her sentences. Well done!

Harvey has been star writer due to his fantastic use of figurative language to describe winter in this amazing poem.

Bobbie has been star writer due to her lovely language ideas for her winter poem.

Ryley is this week’s star writer for his great, imaginative rags to riches story. He tried hard to include fronted adverbials and embedded clauses. Well done!

Samantha has earned star writer for her newspaper article on Howard Carter. As you can see she used a range of fronted adverbials and tried to write her facts in interesting ways

Filip is star writer for his imaginative and well written diary entry about time travelling to ancient Egypt. He built excitement and had a great informal style.

Cole did an excellent job on his re-telling of the short film ‘Marshmallows’. He used a range of fronted adverbials and made sure not to use just one kind. He also used a wide range of good vocabulary to describe with language such as: bulging, reptilian and wailing. Well done Cole!

Jessica was star writer this week for her hard work on this information text about Ancient Egypt. She learnt and was able to begin using brackets for parenthesis in her work. Her work had good flow and some amazing language. Well done!