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Star Writers

Brianna was chosen as star writer for her excellent retell of toy story. Brianna has worked hard all year and used techniques and punctuation modelled in class.

Sabina: An excellent retell of an Indiana Jones Clip-lots of higher level punctuation and suspense techniques used.

A great version of a recount of the volcano eruption in Pompeii (from a mock-video extract). Lots of detail and emotive language used.

Ben was chosen as 56GT’s star writer due to the effort he put into this piece of writing. Ben used a variety of techniques to hook to reader and really and build a sense of atmosphere. Well done, Keep it up!

Marley produced a very informative piece of text all about Roman Roads. He took his time to research and label his diagram carefully – Well done, Marley.

An interesting retell of the film, Alma. Martin used many suspense techniques to hook the reader.

A very detailed and precise explanation of the water cycle, using technical vocabulary – Well done, Anna

Finley has been chosen for this week’s star writer. His character description was full of powerful adjectives and verbs. Finley really ‘showed’ the character’s personality. Well done.

A fantastic retell of The Jungle Book. Hubert used a variety of sentence openers and some brilliant adjectives and powerful verbs. Well done, Hubert.

Ellis really took his time to produce a thoughtful and interesting piece of writing based on the story, Coraline. Well done.

Zak wrote and excellent retell of the Brother Bear extract. Well done!

Just before Christmas Break, Liam wrote some brilliant sentences, including adjectives to retell the short film clip ‘Scrooge’. Great independent work - well done!

Both Tomasz and Demmie have written a wonderfully descriptive poem based on winter – using figurative language

Tom is our star writer for his creative and interesting use of language when retelling ‘The Mummy’.

Lucy is this week’s star writer – excellent effort when writing her retell of ‘The Mummy’ very thoughtful choice of language used and interesting to read.

Both Demmie and Tomasz have written a wonderfully descriptive poem based on winter – using figurative language

Well done Maddison - A great 'modern-day' rags to riches story.

Sophie is 56GT’s star writer – she wrote an excellent newspaper report based on Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Well done.

A fantastic diary entry based on time travelling to Ancient Egypt. Well done-Anna

Chloe is this week’s star writer for 56GT. She wrote an excellent retell of the story ‘Marshmallows’. We were impressed with her independent work and creative ideas.

Isabelle is our star writer this week – she created a very thoughtful and descriptive setting toolkit. Well done.

Tomasz and Chloe SE are 5/6GT’s star writers – they produced a fantastic non chronolgical report all about Ancient Egyptians together.