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'Our school is committed to inspirational teaching that develops aspirational young people.'

Star Writers

It's for Makenzie for setting his own targets for his writing and using a variety of different sentence structures to create atmosphere and drama in his re-tell of Alma.

Emily for consistently working hard to improve the quality of her writing

Kayleigh: For working hard to write this independent rags to riches story.

Suzanna: For writing this really original rags to riches story about dreaming of becoming a famous explorer.

Kaitlin: For excellent use of her planning work and including correctly punctuated fronted adverbials.

Here is Maykol's star writer for using creative language when writing his diary about time travelling back to Ancient Egypt.

This is Evie's Star Writing for her excellent understanding of how to construct a newspaper report.

Riley created this original and interesting story about the marshmallow monster using creative language.

Alfie and Makenzie used their research skills to produce a informative poster about Egypt.