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Star Writers

Eddie wrote a thoughtful recount of Dino Steve’s visit. He thought carefully about which conjunctions to use for the greatest effect and included many additional details to make this an exciting piece of writing.

I am unbelievably proud of Kevin for this excellent piece of writing for his own just so story. Kevin wasn’t here for the build up to the story, yet managed to create a well told story that grasped the reader and made you want to keep reading on thanks to his excellent use of language. Well done, Kevin!

Kevin wrote a lovely acrostic poem about friendship this week. He pinpointed some of the most important parts of being a good friend. I particularly enjoyed his line ‘Dull days are cured with happy friends.’

Kiegan thought of some lovely sentences to describe Chulak from The Fireworks Makers Daughter.

Katelyn thought up some wonderful similes which she included in her fabulous firework poem.

Hope used some excellent adjectives and adverbs to independently write about Lila’s journey to Razvani’s cave. A very impressive use of vocabulary, well done, Hope!

Harley wrote a beautiful spring poem using his senses. He used well - chosen vocabulary and though very carefully about his what, when or who explanations for each new idea.

Charlie worked independently to create a fantastic retell of Lila’s journey up Mount Merapi. He used his capital letters and full stops in the correct places and used some super description.

Poppy wrote a fantastic diary entry about the Stone Age. She used some powerful vocabulary and included her feelings. Well done!

Sophie wrote an excellent biography about Roald Dahl. She used a variety of pronouns, an excellent array of conjunctions and she ensured it was written in chronological order. Well done!

A brilliant piece of writing about the chocolate room, in which, Bradley tried hard to include many of the things spoken about throughout the week. These include fronted adverbials, a range of conjunctions and powerful vocabulary.

Vilte used many of the techniques discussed in class to develop her writing about Willy Wonka. She used some wonderful adjectives to describe his appearance and attire. Well done Vilte.

Thomas created a lovely character description of Willy Wonka. He painted a fantastic picture of this eccentric, flamboyant character. Thomas thought carefully about the structure of his sentence and included extraordinary vocabulary to help the reader truly understand the character.

Aliesha has come back to school with a wonderful, positive attitude towards her writing. She is trying extremely hard and this has helped her create a wonderful piece of writing about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Ivo wrote an amazing play script for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory using fronted adverbials, powerful adverbs and a range of punctuation. He wrote both his stage direction and narration in wonderful detail.

Katelyn enthusiastically provided a great number of powerful words during class discussion which she then used to write an imaginative and detailed dream.