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Star Writers

Anna: A fantastic, independently written character description of the eldest brother. Well done!

Lucy: Fantastic effort and attitude to her writing over the Summer Term!

Corey: Producing a thoughtful piece of writing including elements such as passive voice and fronted adverbials. Well done.

Anna B: Fantastic non fiction piece of writing including all the features necessary.

Thomas has independently used a variety of sentences and some great description to describe the Hydra.

Aaron’s story clearly set out the structure, interweaving setting and characterisation through description and dialogue which move the story along. Well done!

Casey-Mai has used a mixture of fronted adverbials and embedded clauses, along with great description, to bring The Hydra to life!

Leo produced an excellent flash forward story involving aliens. His choice of sentence structure and language really enhanced his work. Well done!

Finley created an interesting story using dialogue to enhance his story line.

Zuzanna has been selected as this week’s Star Writer as she has done a fantastic job of ‘Hugiing the text’. We were looking at a similar text to the one Zuzanna has written, however she changed certain elements of the original text to suit her own character, Annabell. Zuzanna has selected excellent adjectives and verbs, as well as a ‘power of three’ sentence. Well done, Zuzanna!

Jake has made a really good effort to produce a non chronological report all about the scary spider - the black widow. He has used features such as subheadings and fascinating facts. Well done, Jake!

Nathan has produced a very interesting non-chronological report all about scorpions. He has included fascinating facts and has used some super language to hook the reader. As well as using language, Nathan has used some good elements of punctuation like brackets and dashes to add to his piece, well done.

Lucy has written an interesting poem all about The Grinch and how he stole Christmas from the Whos. Lucy’s work was also chosen to be part of our Christmas display – take a look when you’re around school to see if you can spot it.

A fantastic horror story written by Zayne. He has structured his plot in order to build suspense. Using phrases like ‘Not knowing what disaster was ahead’ and ‘The further in she went, the more lost she was’ really lures the reader in to read more! Well done, Zayne- fabulous effort.

Anna has created an eye catching comic based on the film AntMan. She has used fronted adverbials to make interesting sentences and speech bubbles to give the effect of real comic

Marshall has written a great action scene from the film Jumanji, he has used fronted adverbials, a mixture of punctuation and some lovely descriptive language.

Anna has created an eye catching comic based on the film AntMan. She has used fronted adverbials to make interesting sentences and speech bubbles to give the effect of real comic

Charley R 56DT Over the last 2 weeks we have been working on creating our own Ant-Man comic. Charley’s comic was chosen as star writer as she has used some interesting fronted adverbials openers. She has also added speech to help tell the story. In the week we will add photos of Charley’s finished version using a comic creator app.

Joe created an interesting short story. He was able to incorporate description and speech to liven up his writing. His varied openers, along with his short sentences for effect grabbed the readers’ attention! Well done, Joe!

An excellent retelling of a short animation about a boy and his dream, Zuzanna used the class rubric to add elements into her own writing to make it interesting. She has used conjunctive openers, powerful verbs and onomatopoeia to grab the reader! Well Done, Zuzanna!!

McKenzie used a variety of techniques from our class’s short story rubric to make his story exciting. His beginning contained subordinating conjunctions and onomatopoeia to add effect. As well as a variety of interesting language McKenzie incorporated similes to add description.

Megan: A fabulous piece of poetry based on the Holocaust. Megan used onomatopoeia and personification to enhance the pain and suffering Jews went through during WW2. She also used great language to create imagery. Well done, Megan!

Alfie: Lovely piece of writing describing an air raid shelter with a good use of punctuation ? … ! and ()

Anna B Star Writer w/c 11.9.17 Fabulous recount of an air raid, great use of language and punctuation.