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Star Writers

Tommy has shown a much improved effort towards his writing. He has written at length, used a range of punctuation and paragraphs. We enjoyed reading your Tarzan writing, Tommy.

Amelia is our star writer because she has written an excellent piece about the Tarzan clip. She has included a range of punctuation and conjunctions. She also did some fantastic independent editing. Well done!

Harley is this week’s Star Writer. He really wanted to do his best even when he was a little unsure about what he wanted to write. He has used sub-headings and adverbs. He has presented his work neatly throughout. Harley completed his checklist independently and quite accurately.

Our star writer is Oliver. For working independently on your zoo information text. You used an adverb (which you forgot to include in your best copy!), interesting vocabulary and sub-headings. Well done

Mya-Evie is star writer for another excellent piece of written work. She has included valid reasons to make her points as well as using accurate punctuation and conjunctions. Well done!

Wish worked independently to create her journey through the rainforest description. She included lots of her own thoughtful ideas and had a go at using paragraphs.

Tilly has written a successful re-tell of ‘Never Tickle a Tiger’. She has tried hard with her punctuation including using exclamation marks and ellipses and attempting to use quotation marks independently.

Well done Mya-Evie. You have some super ideas and word choices that helped you write some very successful descriptions of animals, ready for writing your journey through the rainforest.

Kalem: For an excellent effort with his story opening and build up, including using a question, conjunctions, adverbs and creating lots of interest for the reader.

Well done Harley! You have used consistently neat presentation and written a great Superhero story using paragraphs, interesting word choices and a range of punctuation.

Emily wrote a successful ‘Spring poem’. She included interesting vocabulary and the correct layout for each different sense. Emily also presented her work really neatly.

Bradley has written a great Superhero story. He used fantastic description to describe his character and added lots of detail to interest the reader.

Aliesha tried really hard to write her ‘Tiger Poem’. She used neat handwriting and tried hard with what seemed like a confusing layout at first. She was keen to include her own ideas and wanted her poem to flow and make sense. She is working hard on improving her spelling.


Well done Kiarra for an excellent description of your villain. You have also shown that you have can use the main tools in WORD to change the font, size and position of the text as well as being able to copy and paste the image of the villain in to your text.

Well done Daniel for good presentation and descriptions.

Jack for a well sequenced retelling of 'The Coming of the Iron Man'.





Oliver has written a great retell of Hiccup, the Viking who was seasick. He wrote his story independently, trying his best to write in sentences with finger spaces. He has used some lovely description, saying Hiccup’s tummy was ‘fizzy’ when he felt unwell. Great independent work Oliver, well done.



Dylan has written a retell of our class book ‘The Night Gardener’. Dylan has focused on his sentences making sure they make sense and are punctuated correctly with capital letters and full stops. Well done Dylan.

Aleisha has written a recount of Rambles (our class teddy) adventure at Tilly’s house. She has correctly used capital letters and full stops as well as concentrating on her sentences so they make sense. Well done Aliesha.

Cecilia has written a character description of the Night Gardener. She has used some lovely description to help the reader create an image in their readers mind of the gardener’s appearance, such as: ‘prickly moustache like a hedgehog’ and ‘pattern jacket that was white and green’. Well done Cecilia.