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Star Writers

Gracie has achieved star writer this week for an excellent activity hugging the text. She used some initial, boring sentences and added her own exciting twist on them creating something completely new. Well done!

Paige is this week's star writer. In her work, she built up excitement and suspense using well-chosen language to create atmosphere.

Honey received star writer for her great use of language and improved use of high level punctuation such as colons and hyphens.

Rosie is star writer this week for her excellent rags to riches story. She varies her formality using speech and has used a wide range of fronted adverbials.




Leona made a fantastic first attempt at hugging the text. This means she used the structure of a different text to form her own with some fantastic description and language. Well done!

Makenzie has achieved star writer this week for his excellent and informative piece of writing on scorpions

Dylan did an excellent job telling the story of The Grinch in this rhyming poem. He was able to create different rhyming couplets which fitted the theme of the poem well. Excellent job!

Titas did an excellent job on re-telling a scene from the film Jumanji. He used lots of exciting language and built suspense well. Well done Titas.

Brianna did a fantastic job of creating an exciting Ant-Man comic book. She used lots of different fronted adverbials which was our focus this week. Well done.

Rosie is this week’s star writer for her descriptive story of a young musician in the city. She used a wide range of language and has made a conscious effort to vary her sentence type. Well done Rosie!

Riley was picked for star writer this week due to his excellent effort in his short story ‘Megacity’. He has used a wide range of language and began to consciously think of how to make his sentences read well.

This week’s star writer is Natasha. She has written a piece showing what she would imagine it would be like to be an evacuee. She used lots of emotive language, well done Natasha!

TJ worked very hard to write a descriptive and emotional poem about the Holocaust. He used emotive language such as ‘defenceless’ and ‘miserable death’ to evoke feelings from the reader. Well done TJ!

Charley is this week’s star writer as she has used a wide range of vocabulary to write an incredible account of what an air raid is like. This week’s focus has been commas and she has worked hard to ensure she is using them mostly accurately as well as trying to include semi-colons. Well done Charley!

Star writer 11/9 Jared is this week’s star writer as he worked incredibly hard on editing and improving a boring piece of writing I had provided. His sentences stuck out as well written as he had really thought about his openers and the interesting language he had used.