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Summer 2018 Introduction

Summer Term


This term we are incredibly excited to get started on one of our most popular topics at Westcliffe…the ANIMAL KINGDOM! We are going to delve straight into studying biomes and all the wonderful wildlife they hold. First, we will be exploring the exotic world of rainforests before zooming over to the scorching desert. Also, we’ll be making a splash, researching all the oceans and fresh waters of the world after venturing to the biting polar regions!


As well as being a national treasure, Sir David Attenborough has inspired millions by bringing the natural world into our homes. We are going to be learning all about the positive impact he has had on the world of animals and conservation as well as learning about his impressive and long life. Fun fact: he’s as old as the Queen (91 years of age!). The Queen is actually only 17 days older that Sir David!


In literacy, we are going to continue to stretch our imaginations, creating interesting plots describing the adventures of peculiar and exotic animals. There will be opportunities to debate, when we look at animals in captivity and, also, we will be writing a biography about one of our favourite explorers. We will also be creating fact files that will be displayed and used in the school library. These will be a chance to show off all the knowledge and research we have collected over the term. We will be cramming in SO much animal research this term that we will all be able to take over from intrepid explorer Sir David Attenborough!


In Numeracy, we are going to continue developing our reasoning skills as well as recapping and securing our knowledge. For example, fractions and place value. We are all going to be overloaded with fascinating facts and figures about biomes and animals that we will be able to collate, compare and contrast data in our numeracy sessions.





If you want to do any research before we talk about it in class, check out these websites:

David Attenborough

This is a fantastic website, detailing Sir David’s life and work.





(Warning - this is an American website so some spellings may differ! Can you sport them?)



Let us know if you find a brilliant book or wonderful website!

If you have found something, that you think your classmates might like, then let Mrs Barrett know and she will add it to our class webpage.



Let your class mates know what you think of book or website. You can either write one by hand or grab an iPad at break and Mrs Barrett will upload it to our class webpage.