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Summer Term 2018 Introduction

Hi, and welcome back to our class page!

After a very exciting spring term looking at animals and plants, we have started a brand new, interesting topic: Westcliffe and Beyond. The topic will start by looking at the geographical features of the world around us and then move onto the ‘beyond’: space!

As part of this we will be researching other countries and cultures, doing map work and using compass points, doing local fieldwork and learning about the different geographical zones around the world. As part of our space work, we will learn all about gravity and the earth and moon’s movements. We will also be doing a very cool design project involving a rocket….

Some Year 5’s will also be continuing their reading stars programme! This term, they will get to meet the fantastic poet, Ian Bland. Also, they will also have an amazing experience filming in a tv studio! Wow!

Keep returning to our page to see our updated star writers and some pictures of what we’re doing!