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Summer Term Introduction

Welcome to the Summer Term.


This term we will be at the seaside.


To start our new topic we will be finding out about lighthouses and seaside rescues. We will learn about Grace Darling, who risked her life helping to rescue survivors from a shipwreck in 1838.  We will also look at modern seaside rescues so that we understand how different things were in the past. While we are finding out about lighthouses, we will also be using our geographical knowledge to describe the coastal landscape. After all our research will we be making our own lighthouses.


We will be finding out about the creatures and animals that live under and by the sea, looking at where they live and why they live there. We are excited to be going on a trip to The Deep in Hull to take part in workshop to help some seaside animals get home after they got lost in a big storm in the North Sea.


We will also be working with the children from Foundation Stage to design and plant a shared garden space at school. We will need to find out about the plants in the garden and how to look after them.