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The Pirate Treasue Hunt

The Pirate treasure hunt. 1-2H


This week we started our topic work and our subject is Pirates!

Everybody was very excited as we discovered some maps had been left in the classroom. These had instructions on that we had to follow in order to find the treasure.

We got together with a small group of pirates and began our hunt. Each set of instructions had a different starting point. So our first job was to find out where to start. Some of us started at the story chair, some of us started outside of some classrooms and some of us started outside the castle.

We then had to follow the instructions and find the clues. Each clue was in an envelope and was a puzzle piece showing a picture of something.

It took a lot of hard work and careful reading to follow the instructions but we soon managed to find 6 pieces of the puzzle to put together.

The picture was revealed to be a big tree next to the story chair, so a chosen few of us raced over to find the treasure.

There under the tree was a large chest full of treasure, there were jewels, necklaces brooches and lots of fine treasure.

The victorious pirates returned with the loot and it was put away safely in the safe.