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Trip to Tesco

1Ca – Trip to Tesco

We were very excited about going on a trip to Tesco and wondered what we might find out about healthy eating.

When we got to Tesco we were taken into a room and introduced to Becky. She gave us special tabards to put on

while we were in the store.

Becky took us to the fruit and vegetable aisle and told us that we had to look around to find as many fruits and vegetables that were different colours as we could. We found lots.

Did you know a tomato is a fruit because it has seeds inside it???

After that we went to the sugar aisle. Becky explained to us that lots of food has sugar in it and told us how much sugar different foods have in it.

Did you know that there are 7 teaspoons of sugar in a can of coca cola????????

We then went back into the classroom and had some healthy foods to taste. We tasted – soft cheese, tzatziki, pitta bread, crispbread, dried prunes and cucumber.  They were yummy!!!!

We then talked about what we had for breakfast. Becky gave us some ingredients (Oats, bran flakes, and raisins) and we created our own healthy breakfast cereal by choosing what we wanted to put in our bowls.

Then it was time to go back to school. We took our cereal home with us to have for breakfast the next day!!!

We really enjoyed finding out about healthy eating and tasting all the different foods.