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We have a Christmas Visitor

A visitor in class

On Monday, 3/4B had an interesting visitor who had created a monstrous mess! They bounded into class in the morning to find destruction throughout. Pencil sharpenings were scattered over the table and it looked like the elf had been playing in them creating a ‘snow’ angel. There were pencils strewn across the floor plus the drawers had been pulled out to create stairs to the paper drawer. 3/4B were extremely surprised by what they saw and no one could quite believe someone Santa sent could be so mischievous.

Frank is back! Today the children arrived at school to an unusual scene. Upturned picnic benches and vibrant papier-mache dinosaurs as reindeer. Unforgettably, the perfect prankster was balanced in the centre of the bench, clutching string reigns in one hand and another note in the other. The children were astounded with the scene before them and none of them could quite believe that this cheeky elf had been up to mischief yet again. I wonder what else he will get up to!