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Wesctliffe Primary School Sports funding 2014/15

Westcliffe Primary School Sports funding 2014/15This document outlines the use of the government’s £8900 investment in PE for Westcliffe Primary School for the 2014/15 academic year.


Planned spending will be categorised under the following headings:

Staffing – additional staff employment to deliver PE/extra-curricular sessions

Equipment – new equipment purchase to assist with driving the curriculum forward

Memberships – memberships of external groups or organisations



Mrs Cullum

Mrs Cullum working 12.00-4.15 every day as follows:

12.00 - 12.50 lunch time sessions on the playground focusing on team sporting activities

12.50-3.10 Mon-Fri teaching PE sessions

3.10 – 4.15 after school sports clubs

Mrs Cullum’s wages will be partly paid by the government fund. The remainder will be contributed by the school as part of their commitment to improving sport opportunities across the school.


Children access a wider variety of sports (through after school sports)

Children have access to high quality PE lessons

Provided more after school opportunities

Miss S Williams

Miss S Williams working 12.00 – 3.00 from Monday to Friday as follows:

1.00-3.00 Healthy Living PE sessions to inspire positive lifestyles and encourage sports.

Miss S Williams will be paid by the government funding


Target children encouraged to live healthy lifestyles

Healthy lifestyles promoted through school

All children have access to extra-curricular opportunity

Children have increased awareness of a healthy lifestyle



A selection of new equipment has been identified and ordered to replace to dated or damaged PE equipment. The equipment selected for purchase is designed to support the newly created long term plans based around the requirements of the new PE curriculum.

Equipment ordered is as follows:

Bishop sports - £1900


Raised attainment in PE

Improved children’s attitudes to PE



School sports federation (organised as a football/high 5/athletics events throughout the school year) = £35 per annum

Youth Sport Trust = free membership £0

Sainsbury’s School Sports (kitemark) = free membership £0


Increased competitions

More children have access to competitive sports

Increased pride in school

Profile of PE has been raised in school


Overall spending (£8900 budget)


Staffing £8130


Equipment £1900


Memberships £35


Total £10065


An under spend of £1100 has been carried over from the 2013/14 academic year, which covers the 2014/15 overspend.